About Mustard Tree Technologies

We are made up of people who are passionate about web and cloud technology. We've came together to form this company and to share that passion with you. We are underpinned by the following values:


Be meek

This is a humble and gentle attitude that expresses itself in patient endurance. Meekness is not weakness. We often confuse the two. A meek person can do something but chooses not to. It is power under constraint.


Be an avid, curious, and continuous learner

We constantly pursue a growth mindset, both in our professional and personal life. Technology is ever changing and keeping abreast is a necessity. Life's relationships are also evolving and we will constantly mature to fulfill our purpose and roles.

Be the person doing more with less

We realize resources are always limited. So we learn to be content and always innovate, prioritize, and stretch our resources for the greater collective benefit.


Be the person where the buck stops

People approach us with their questions. We are committed to helping them to the best of our abilities and will not push our responsibilities to another person.


Be a WOW when we serve

We owe a gratitude to our staff, partners and customers for choosing to work with us. In return, we will serve them with humility and intent to mutually achieve each other's goals.