Mustard Tree Technology is a one-stop shop for websites & web development, and all your hosting needs.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we create strategic & cost-conscious websites, web development applications and an online presence that supports your business operations and market positioning.

Why we are different

A good website and web development project is more than just information fact sheet. It's a concise sales pitch, strategic positioning and value proposition. It requires careful planning. If you have failed to plan, you have planned to fail.

Here is how we would do it:

Outline a 30-seconds pitch

What value would your business offer? Most visitors spend less than 30 seconds on the website landing page.

Derive a 2-seconds proposition

An average website bounce rate is 55%. Most visitors will not even scroll down the landing page. What would you propose?

Devise a Call-to-Action

You have a visitor. How will you connect? What information or action would you want? What would you offer in return?

Create the presence

Building a site is both an art and technical skill. A storytelling approach is the easiest to relate. Do you have a story?

Define a yardstick & Optimize

Keyphrases, H1 tags, lazy load, site loading speed, files minification, image optimization, & critical path generation often ignored.

Strategizing for launch

Having a website without a launch strategy is like giving out flyers blindly. Most will end up in the trash. Where is your audience?

Digital transformation is a process, more necessary today than ever. A process takes careful planning, positioning and execution.

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