Do you have a dormant website with no visitors?

We help companies create a
profitable online business
with websites and cloud solutions.

Website design & development
Marketing strategy for growth
Secure & spam-free emails
Real-time online inventory

An Online Business is not an option.

Online Business is the operating, selling, and running of a company using the Internet. The way we do business has changed in Kuala Lumpur and around the world. Doing business on the Internet is a necessity. Is your company struggling to get online opportunities?
A website must have visitors and generate leads for your online business.

A website with no visitors

Most companies have websites. But it has very few visitors and it does not impact the business. It is not marketed and it does not generate leads.
A reliable email and document sharing system is essential for an online business.

Unreliable email & storage

Emails and documents are the lifelines of all companies. But your email is full of spam and you worry about getting hacked. This hinders your company from growing.
An online business needs up-to-date inventory so sales is not hindered.

Inaccurate stock, declining sales

Selling online is a new norm. Your eCommerce store does not reflect up-to-date stock data. You are losing sales because you cannot respond back to customers fast enough.
Don't miss out on online business opportunities.
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We are a web design and cloud solutions company based in KL, Malaysia.

We provide website development, marketing, copywriting, and cloud solutions so your online business is optimized for revenue and profit generation.

How to become an Online Business

A clear customer-focused brand message makes your online business relevant.

Design a customer-centric brand message

A clear customer-focused brand message relates to the customer's problem, positions your offering as the solution and highlights the benefit it gives. Clarity wins the deal.
A successful website needs a launch and marketing plan.

Create a website with a launch & marketing plan

Start your website project with a clear objective - the strategy, development, launch, and marketing. Determine how the website will impact your business at the onset and execute to that goal.
A reliable fully cloud-based is critical to a successful online business.

A spam-free & secure cloud for your team

Not receiving emails or getting spammed is equal to a loss of opportunity. Gmail in Google Workspace is the most reliable and secure email platform. Don't let your competition steal your opportunities because of lost emails.
InFlow Inventory is a cloud-based application with a web, Windows and mobile application. Your data is securely kept in the cloud. It easily integrates to your WordPress or Shopify site and always gives you up-to-date stock levels.

Integrated Inventory app to your website

InFlow Inventory is a cloud-based application with a web, Windows, and mobile application. Your data is securely kept in the cloud. It easily integrates into your WordPress or Shopify site, giving you up-to-date stock levels.

How we can help...

Using the Internet to do business is not hard. You just need a guide.

Design your website & build your online presence

  • Development websites that generate leads to grow your online business
  • Provide reliable and secure web hosting so that your customer can visit
  • Devise a launch and marketing plan to get new and returning visitors
  • Execute the strategy and provide analytics to make informed decisions
  • Ensure the website is constantly updated to make it hard for hackers
  • Provide backups so you can recover important data if a mishap occurs
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Using the Internet to do business is not hard. You just need a guide.

Setup & secure your Google Workspace

  • Roll out Gmail & Drive for a spam-free email and secure document storage
  • Migrate your emails and documents seamlessly so that your work is not interrupted
  • Enforce security best practices to protect your data from phishing attacks
  • Provide administrator training so you can operate independently
  • Help implement remote teams to collaborate well on the Internet
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Setup and implement Inflow Inventory web system

Implement inFlow Cloud Inventory app

  • Setup and install Inflow Inventory on your computer and mobile device
  • Help in preparing and migrating stock data into the system
  • Provide administrator so you can operate independently
  • Roll out the mobile app so you can scan the QR code and check for stock
  • Integrate Inflow Inventory to your website so it reflects accurate stock levels
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Start your online business in 3 steps

Using the Internet to do business is not hard. You just need a guide.

Book a free consultation

Talk to us. Tell us what is bothering you. Also, share about your company, the value proposition, and your business aspirations.
Talk to us about your business and we will work out a strategy with you.

Establish your goals

All companies have unique goals. We deliver unique solutions that match your business goals. Let's establish them together.
Execute according to our plan and measure the key performance indicators

Implement & measure

We will execute according to the project objectives and monitor the key measures. We will also make the adjustments to succeed.
Our initial meeting (online or on-premise) will be a casual no-obligation introduction to getting acquainted with your company and website aspirations.
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Spare yourself from...

Investing in IT system that don't benefit your business
Having a website that doesn't generate business leads
Losing sales because of inaccurate information

What you will get from us

Clarity from all Internet jargon and in your strategy
Cloud technology that supports Internet Business and operations
A consistent brand messaging for your marketing collaterals
Online collaboration tool with anyone around the world
A launch and marketing strategy that will drive traffic to your website
Up-to-date stock level report on your PC, browser or smartphone
A website that convert visitors into leads and opportunities
Inventory app that integrates into your website and accounting system
Complete solution for website hosting, maintenance, and backups
File protection from theft, ransomware, and departing employees

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