Mustard Tree Technology build digital transformation strategies via websites, ecommerce, web applications, Google Workspace and cloud infrastructures, and we help business owners improve operational efficiencies and increase their revenue goals.

We are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but have helped businesses locally as well as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Why we are different

Other companies also offer website design, email hosting and cloud computing. But we approach things differently.

First, we are intentionally small, working with a few clients at a time, because we believe in delivering quality results, not a cookie-cutter solution.

Second, we always begin with a digital strategy. We identify success, what that looks and how it is measured. Thereafter, we work backwards. We offer solutions to innovate your operations and move your business forward. We work to find you that extra competitive edge.

Third, we implement strategies to improve your business. Business technology must solve business problems and improve an organization. It needs to help better connect with the customer. It must make work easier for your staff.

And finally, we produce results. That is why we remain small. We are focused on giving the returns that our customers expect and are delighted with.

Applying digital transformation strategies

Strategies for your websites

A company website is about fulfilling business needs. Consider the world's most visited webpage is also the a simple site, Google Search, and it has only one function, Search. We evaluate the need first and build the site according to the business need.
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Collaboration strategies via Google Workspace

Contrary to popular belief, working on the cloud offers greater security, privacy, support and ease of management. Google Workspace is a comprehensive solution for both remote or on-premise team to collaborate seamlessly.
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Digital transformation strategies have become a necessity for all businesses. It used to be "nice-to-have". It is now a survival issue.

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