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If working remotely is hard, it's because your tools are not designed for remote working.

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Here are symptoms that you need Google Workspace:

  • Too many applications for different functions
  • Zoom meetings with nothing accomplished
  • Unable to collaborate with others
  • Struggling to synchronize documents
  • Too many file versions over multiple devices
  • Hard to get IT support for my home devices

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Google Workspace is a fully cloud-based office suite, designed specifically to empower remote teams.

Traditional Office applications need to be installed on a PC/MAC and the files reside on the local computer. With Google Workspace, all applications and all data are in the cloud. This has big implications.

When you work with Google Workspace...

Deployment is simple

The only application that you will ever need to run Google Workspace is the Chrome browser, which you are likely already using it. It runs on any computer with any operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux). It also works on all smartphones and tablets. Google Workspace runs on all devices.
There are also no system updates and security patches. You are always using the latest version.

Collaboration is seamless

Traditionally, we email attached documents but versioning quickly becomes a nightmare. With Google Docs, Sheets and Slide, your team can remotely work on the same document simultaneously in real-time during your online meeting. Your team can edit the same sentence in the same document at the same time. So there is no need to keep versions. Work gets done... together!
Google Doc Collaboration

Support is easy

Most support issues resolved by configuring the Admin console in the cloud. The administrator only has to configure the system and you only need to refresh the Chrome browser.
admin console
Let’s also consider the worst-case scenario, your desktop computer crashed and you are working from home. No problems. Grab your laptop or tablet. All your app and data are on the cloud. Simply log into your Google account and you’ll be up and running in 5 minutes.

Cloud-controlled Security is centralized

Let’s suppose your laptop is stolen. The data inside is typically more important than the device. But with Google Workspace, there is no data on the laptop. It is all on the cloud. You lose nothing! A sensitive document is prohibited from the cloud without needing to delete any file on the laptop.

Managing emails and spam is effective

Most people today have a Gmail, some even have multiple accounts. It is generally accepted that Gmail is the most reliable email platform. It does an exceptional job at blocking spam emails.

Email search is fast (Hint: Compare against searching in MS-Outlook with over 1GB of messages). Instead of folders, you can label emails and an email can have multiple labels. You can schedule your email delivery, snooze an email and get reminders to return to it later. There is also a "confidential email" feature where it requires a passcode to reach or will expire at a certain date.

Mobile devices are secure

Most people will check office emails on their personal smartphones. Google Workspace can manage those devices. It separates work from personal data. When the employee resigns, the mobile device management can delete the work profile and restrict all office data (emails and documents) remotely from the cloud. This is particularly handy if the device was stolen.

Common myths of Google Workspace

#1: Google Workspace is useless without Internet access

You can turn on Offline mode in Gmail, or use the "Make Available Offline" feature in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Then the Internet becomes available again, it will automatically synchronize and update the latest changes to the cloud... without any intervention.

#2: You cannot edit MS Office documents with Google Workspace

Simply not true. You can edit Microsoft Office documents with Google Workspace. You can collaborate in the same way as Google Docs, Sheets or Slides.

#3: It is less secure to store data in the cloud

That is quite the opposite. Storing data in the cloud is likely more secure than your own laptop (read this article by Norton). While there is no full-proof unbreachable security, hacking into a remote data center is extremely hard. The weakest part of Internet security is typically the password. If you have a strong password and you are using 2-factor authentication, then it is extremely hard to breach.

#4: Your data can be viewed by Google

This is a common concern and it is also addressed by Google. Your data privacy is embedded in their service level agreement. The best way to ensure compliance is for a 3rd independent party to audit the operations, systems and procedures. Simple Google for "Google SOC Report" and you will find the latest auditor's report (at the time of this writing, you will find Ernst & Young LLP as the auditor for the period 1 May 2019 to 30 April 2020).

IF you are looking for a better way to...

work with an application designed for the cloud

easily deploy, manage and remotely support the system

use a more secure, robust and stable platform

employ a better ecosystem that works seamlessly on any device

and you want to improve working remotely

We can improve your productivity by 2x or 3x

The Google platform is a cheaper ecosystem

When choosing an application, you should also consider the cost of computer hardware and support. You need a PC or MAC to run Microsoft Office. A brand new MAC Book costs at least MYR4,000+ (or US$1,300). A decent PC laptop costs about the same too. If you are on a budget, please consider using a Chromebook. It costs about a third of a PC laptop. Even more impressive is the lifespan of a Chromebook is about 6 years or more (a regular PC lifespan is about 3-4 years).

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying shared Google Chrome OS devices (e.g. Chromebook). The Google ecosystem is quite simply the more cost-effective solution. Read more

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